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Vagalume is a musicians encounter, a specific workshop dedicated to composition. The recordings already released a mere example of the numerous pieces Vagalume creates…

SSpeaking about recording, the great Thelonious Monk used to say “After two takes you’re imitating yourself », to what Charlie Rouse added « when you play the first take, it’s the moment where there is the feeling. After, you begin to lose the feeling. Every recording is a kind of challenge: you know you must play well the first or second take unless you miss the piece. The engineer will use it nevertheless. If you mess, it’s your burden, you’re compelled to listen to it for the rest of your life. »

This philosophy applies to the following recordings
Recording : 05 Avril 2016 au studio de l’IMFP.
Mix et Mastering : Jean-Paul Bondyfalat (
Live Condition.


Pascal Aignan: Saxophone Tenor
Yoann Combe: Piano
Jean-François Merlin: basse
Julien Heurtel: Drums