Corine VanGysel


Corine VanGysel : Vocalist
Renaud Matchoulian: guita
Jean-François Merlin: bass
Adrien Spica: Drums

Corinne VanGysel is a great vocalist. His musical passion has blossomed over 25 years of artistic exploration in a multitude of genres, such as: jazz, soul, Latin music, gospel, funk and rock. Her musical journey has been shaped by great masters of the art of vocal jazz, including legends such as Sarah Vaughan, Mark Murphy, Dianne Reeves, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Kevin Mahogany, Carmen McRae, Abbey Lincoln, and many others.

The “Ikigaï” project that she presents to us draws its inspiration from the eponymous Japanese concept, which reveals our true reason for being. For Corinne Vangysel, this quest for meaning turned out to be intrinsically linked to jazz. It is a deep and unwavering love for this musical genre that guides his voice. She accompanies him in varied musical explorations, but it is always to jazz that she returns, finding there her freedom, her fullness, her musicality and her spirituality.

Corinne VanGysel gives us her musical soul through “Ikigaï”, a project specially designed to showcase her vocal talent. In this symbolic adventure, she is supported with great elegance by a trio of musicians: Renaud Matchoulian on guitar, Jean-François Merlin on double bass and Adrien Spica on drums. Together, they create an enchanting musical experience, where Corinne’s voice blends harmoniously with the instrumental accompaniment to offer a repertoire of carefully arranged jazz standards.

“Ikigaï” is much more than a musical project; it is an artistic quest where Corinne VanGysel expresses her true passion for vocal jazz, with overflowing generosity. Her voice becomes the channel through which she shares her love for this timeless music with the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the captivating world of “Ikigaï” and discover the magic of Corinne’s voice alongside exceptional musicians.